8 Days Historical and Cultural Tour

This cultural tour focuses on the ancient history and culture of Ethiopia as well as the people and nature on the classic Historic Route of Ethiopia. Among other things, on this tour, you will visit Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

As you travel by road on the classic Historic Route of Ethiopia, you will be able to explore more of the country's less-visited sites, beautiful nature, culture, and history as all these unfold in front of you each and every mile.

Tour Code: ETE03
Duration: 7 nights (8 days)
Transportation: Land (4WD)
Tour starts: Addis Ababa
Tour ends: Addis Ababa

Trip Highlights

Day 01- Addis Ababa- Bahirdar - Lake Tana

In the morning you will take a flight to the lake side city of Bahir Dar. Upon arrival you will take a boat cruise on Lake Tana to visit the ancient 14th century island monasteries of Lake Tana. The 37 islands of Lake Tana shelter 20 monasteries — surviving remnants of an old, contemplative tradition.

Accommodation: Delano/ Unison Hotel

Day 02- Blue Nile Blue Nile Falls

Today you will drive 35 km to visit the majestic Blue Nile Falls.

Accommodation: Delano/ Unison Hotel

Day 03- Bahirdar: Gonder

After breakfast, you will drive to Gondar through the beautiful countryside scenery of Fogera to arrive at Gondar around lunch time. The city is Founded by Emperor Fasiledas around 1635, Gondar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its many medieval castles and the design and architecture of its churches. Debre Berhan Selassie represents a masterpiece of the unique Ethiopian school of traditional art. This afternoon, you will visit this ancient city and the castles.

Accommodation: Goha /Lodge du Chateaue

Day 04- Gonder- Simien Mountains

After an early breakfast, we will drive to the Simien Mountains National Park. Driving from Gondar up to Simien Mountains National Park, you will be stunned with the spectacular scenery that waits at the top of the massif. Upon arrival you will trek for about 2 hours among troops of endemic Gelada Baboons to explore the surrounding area of Sankaber, part of the Simien Mountains National Park .

Accommodation: Simien Lodge

Day 05-Simien- Gonder- Addis Ababa

After breakfast you will drive to Gonder airport for your flight to Addis Ababa, upon arrival you will visit historical sites in Addis Ababa including the national museum and Mount Entoto which rises up to an altitude of 3200 meters and offers the panoramic view of the metropolis.

Accommodation: Grand Palace or Golden Tulip Hotel

Day 06 -Lalibela

Today you will take the first flight to Lalibela, upon arrival; you will visit the site of some of Ethiopia’s most famous rock-hewn churches, often referred to by many as one of “the living wonders of the world”. These churches are, and they have been for at least 800 years, an active Christian shrine — the spiritual centre of the country’s religious life. The monolithic churches were carved out of a 2,600-square-meter natural rock terrace in the 12th century AD by King Lalibela.

Accommodation: Maribela hotel or Sora Lodge

Day 07- Asheten Mariam, Lalibela

In the morning, take a mule ride /or drive to the top of Asheten Mariam Monastery. This is very famous for its 12th-century monastery church and beautiful view at 10,298 ft above sea level.

Accommodation: Maribela hotel or Sora Lodge

Day 08- Lalibela- Addis Ababa- End of the tour.

Today you will be drop off at the airport for your flight to Addis Ababa. Upon arrival you will have a free time to buy souvenirs. In the evening, there will be farewell dinner party with a traditional special buffet and local drinks. There will also be a cultural dance show of the different ethnic groups living in the country — the perfect end to our tour. At the end of the farewell dinner, transfer to Addis Ababa airport for the flight back home. End of tour.

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